Latest News - Referrals for Endodontics
  Our dentist with a special interest in Endodontics, Simon Pope, has completed his post graduate certificate in endodontics and is continuing his studies towards his MSc. We have also invested in an operating microscope for endodontics so you can be sure that your patients are receiving our best possible endodontic care.

Referral Areas
We are pleased to accept referrals in the following areas:

Using This Website
We hope that you will find useful information and documents on this site which will make it easy to refer patients. For example there are price lists and patient information leaflets that you can give to your patients in advance of their appointment. That way they will know exactly what to expect before they arrive. You can even print out directions and a map from our How To Find Us page so that your patient can find our practice easily.

We are happy to receive referrals by any method you choose. However should you find it useful we have specific referral forms for each of our referral areas which you may print out and use. You could also e-mail us or fax us. See the Refer A Patient page for further details.

Dental Implants

A special feature of this site is the implant help section. If you refer an implant case to us you may prefer us to carry out only the surgery so that you can restore the case yourself. To help you do this we have included help pages which explain the restorative procedures involved. You would receive a letter from us detailing the components which you would need and a link to the relevant help pages on this site. For further details please see the Dental Implants page.

Please note that all our leaflets, referral forms, etc. are collected together on our Documents & Links page. We hope that you enjoy using this site and find it helpful.

If you have any queries about our services or suggestions for this website we would be very pleased to hear from you

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