Dental Sedation
This website is for referring dentists. If you are a patient, please click here for our patient site.

Many patients are anxious about dental treatment and we are pleased to help. As long as your patient is happy to sit in the dental chair, have a thorough examination and will tolerate venupuncture, we will be able to provide comfortable intravenous sedation for them

Sedation will be provioded by our experienced dental sedationist, Dr Kathleen Byrne. She will provide sedation separately for your patients whilst one of our dentists provides dental treatment. We will never provide treatment for your patients on an operator/sedationist basis.

Our dental sedationist Dr Kathleen Byrne


We have produced a referral form which you may use for referrals for dental sedation. You can also send us a referral in your usual way. To download and print the referral form for dental sedation, please click the link below.

Dental Sedation Patient
Referral Form


We will first need to see your patient for a consultation so that we can assess their dental needs as well as assess them for dental sedation. We have a set charge of £495 for dental sedation for each visit. Our normal fees for a consultation, x-rays and dental treatment will also apply.

Your patient will wish to know how much dental sedation costs and what it involves. We have produced a patient information leaflet which may be downloaded and printed out by clicking the link below.

Dental Sedation Patient
Information Leaflet

Please give a copy of this leaflet to your patient which explains costs and some other details about surgical extractions including post operative instructions.
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